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Christine Bottomley by Redsterfish
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Jesse by Redsterfish
Send a photo of yourself to my inbox, particular wishes about style, background, size...
Size 24 x 32 cm is around 5000 points. Ask for further info.


I am a little bit nervous, had a too many espresso today, but... Yeah I was somehow a bad boy that day, poking into some hole, not quite a tunnel in the woods. As I turned around I noticed some noise, a snap but dead sounding. Those misty veils were already around me. The birds fell silent, nothing to hear anyhow. I was in this wellknown mob something sqibbed, dust white dust filled the air, I felt like I couldn´t breathe. I thought, I better run, my legs didn´t moove. Paralyzed again on muddy ground, somebody whining for me? I decided to fall forward, in slow motion it lasted a felt several minutes. Managed to land on my knees luckily, crawling away some meter. As I turned my head back, looking towards the hole, I saw this light grey mushroom shaped dust cloud sth. coming out of the cave, bristling. A fucking nightmare happening, the dust-shroom turning into some statue of liberty physical appearance, my mind surely played tricks on me. Already a small group of this ghostly appearances were around at the scenery, different looking another one was this calamari-man. Think, how to, there wasn´t any oxygen in my blood, well seemingly... yeah escape from this ridiculous scene. The motherfuckers got you straight up the ass, 'this is your phantasy killing you for real'. The appearances moved closer. I feel like bursting into flames or something arrrgh, I am crying. Good bye lovely world, hello afterlife.
But... fortunately I saw a couple of wanderers coming down the lane. As I found myself voiceless, I threw my hat into their direction. They recognized me down there, asking me, if I need help, 'what is it'? The craven dust figures dissipated into the 'air'. I answered, that I slipped off and I am safe. So, no big deal at all, reality bites, kinda like sometimes. Gotta purchase some of those ghost traps though, in case I go there again.

Umbertello De Notitz Bello (Hello)


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Umbertello Ostericcio
Artist | Professional | Varied
I... I am a graphic artist by trade. Keep my eyes open for newest technical stuff, but...
came back into life by pencil drawing, so this is my kind of passion. I also love photographing, improved my skills a lot during the last years. Shoot close ups, landscapes, basically all kinds of stuff. I am trying to build a kind of business with drawn portraits. Gotta find the costumers though, who are willing to pay a suitable price for the job. I am a little floating between techniques, working on something that (I have a proper deja vu, just now, but...) combines something or everything. Postprocessing and manips are a bit moved to the background at the moment, but still there, I mean holy Photoshop goes on. What else...? I really care for all of you guys and will be happy about any conversation, questions whatever.
Good day to you enjoy yourselfes and have fun.

Bit proud of my prime lens collection here: Canon Primes by Redsterfish


Shamrock Floating by Redsterfish
Shamrock Floating
How about muddy waters:

Mary, grab the baby, the river's rising
Muddy water taking back the land
The old-frame house, she can't take-a one more beating
Ain't no use to stay and make a stand

Well the morning light shows water in the valley
Daddy's grave just went below the line
Things to say, you just can't take em with ya
This flood will swallow all you've left behind

Won't be back to start all over
Cause what I felt before is gone

Mary, take the child, the river's rising
Muddy water taking back my home
The road is gone, there's just one way to leave here
Turn my back on what I've left below
Shifting land, broken farms around me
Muddy water's changing all I know

It's hard to say just what I'm losing
Ain't never felt so all alone

Mary, take the child, the river's rising
Muddy water taking back my home

Won't be back to start all over
Cause what I felt before is gone

Mary, take the child, the river's rising
Muddy water's changing all I know
Muddy water's changing all I know
Lord, this muddy water is taking back my home…
Petrification by Redsterfish
...simply stay away from the most wicked grudge of the south-east asian witches: Jing Jang, which has only one purpose: petrification ....sooner or later you will know!

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