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Deviants in Graphite
Graphite Creations #77 Krysten Ritter by Redsterfish
Christine Bottomley by Redsterfish
Ripped Grethel by Redsterfish
Jesse by Redsterfish
Send a photo of yourself to my inbox, particular wishes about style, background, size...
Size 24 x 32 cm is around 5000 points. Ask for further info.


That´s why I´m evil...
evil like a Sunday morning.

The male, which are into it,
tell me on the phone,
that I am pretty evil.

They say, I should let the wind blow
and the weather is something
you cannot sway.

Male works hard for a little easing,
even at it´s birthday,
it should be done by head.

And it should be swallowed,
there is lots of information
in proteins, don´t undervalue.

Little man does anything
for it´s beloved ones,
gives them hide and seek.

Why not search and destroy
every single one of them?
That should not be that criminal!


Redsterfish's Profile Picture
Umbertello Della Wotevva
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hey guys, how´s it!

I am on DA now for a few years, quite happy with my kind of hidden artist state here, though it´s free. Sure there are a lot of us 'deviants' in some darker or not so much frequently visited spaces, sites, you know the real stuff is hard to find. I really like to refere to those huge 'premium member' artists who get like thousand comments for a shiny, colorful and technically perfect artwork. This site, I mean the whole DA blog monster, is driving larger or less large tentacles and a very different audience is around. Like there are those crowd like followers of a hype thing or a massively creative and somehow renowned as artists kind of guys. Don´t wanna deaden anyone, but I really like to hint to that 'button game' this specific website is providing for all of us users. Which sure plays a massive role for everyone there, do I have to mention favs or pv?
What I am basically trying to make clear is, a lot of amazing art is just drowning in that DA - cosmos. There is of course that charm, to find some unique, odd, rare art somewhere here, maybe that is what keeps me so close to this pale green background with picture - stuff on it. The other thing is, one can really meet funny, smart and off - hook guys round here. The mass surly is a bit standoffish and plain vanilla, I don´t care too much for them. I always try to have a propper comment for every piece of art, even very minimalistic or somehow childishly looking, though I really hate manga stuff I? I myself took a chance in many rubriques of that big apprehension called 'ART', to which deviants around here inspired me a lot. I definitely enjoy the creativity of the thousands of artist there, and hope to spend as much time in the future, as I spend now and for over two years. Not only a different meaning of life I´ve experienced here, I am addicted to the stuff here, but it´s so much fun... hehe. The internet and the amazingly talented artists on blogs like this have already changed the whole art business and scenery, love that thought, those elite guys get lowered expectations in any way ...just think about.


Now, now...
Coffee and some seemingly funny afternoon,
did not let anyone presume,
they are around.

A couple of the roughest cleaning-, b-job housies
coming from out of a bit of a blaze of sunlight.
Bewitching any unknowing pedestrian.

Throwing spiderwebs into faces,
making every big look ...shrink.
They are the mad evil woman from the rural page.

Inbreeding over generations made their brains
as 'big' as peas.
Doing sports with a cleaning bucket in one hand.

To make this, their world just ...a septic system,
no choice for you, good girls,
you all end up like that.

In a world that is still ruled by a greasy, crippled paper,
and false songs...
everybody only wants to hyde in the dark.

Then death, black will be everywhere,
the mates dance spastically,
in the slippery streets of black birds city.

How could you ever believe in a love for life?
The bells tell the midday beat,
holes are filthy and smell fishy!

Stressed out beings do not pay any mind
a war is somewhere going on
men? Better find sodom!!!
The Army Of Desperate Housewifes Strikes Further
Got shot by the time, went to downtown ...everytime since!

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